IoT enabling Manufacturing Platforms progressively deliver better Connected Cars


In the Digital age customers prefer experience over features. Aided by plethora of IoT technologies, the evolution of connected cars with a balance of features vis-à-vis experience is phenomenal from vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) to vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and now vehicle-to-everything (V2X) leveraging vehicle-to-cloud (V2C). In my view IoT technologies are enabling connected cars to deliver value from integrated ecosystem of industries including automotive, telecom, health, insurance and industrial automation. Manufacturing platforms are designing and delivering connected vehicles that are truly leveraging the aplenty Internet of Things technologies as described below.

  • V2I, V2V and V2X end point connectivity with mobile wi-fi offload (wi-fi hotspots, 802.11u, 3G/4G LTE/latest 5G), DSRC roadside infrastructure (802.11p), consumer network (femtocells, dealer hotspots) and energy service providers (charging stations etc.)
  • In-Vehicle-Infotainment enabled with intuitive human-machine-interface (HMI), advance driver assist solutions (ADAS), voice communications, around view monitor, and rear seat entertainment with 4G LTE speeds available via built-in mobile hotspot enables services such as Internet radio, video streaming, Web browsing and personalized music etc.
  • Public/Private/Enterprise cloud connectivity offering real-time navigation, weather forecast, traffic information and online route planning, audio & video streaming, health data updates and remote car monitoring
  • Telematics promoting passenger safety with smart SOS (e-Call), a wide range of security features that keep drivers connected and safe in the event of an emergency, including automatic crash notification, stolen vehicle tracking, and roadside assistance.
  • Leapfrog towards Autonomous Vehicles with advanced state of the art embedded sensors and actuators, contextual voice recognition, interconnectivity V2I/V2V, improved decision making algorithms beyond ADAS and efficient navigation technologies enabling hands-free driving with right balance of driver-in and driver-out of the loop scenarios
  • Vehicle advanced diagnostics and analytics enabling cost reduction across industrial value chain tying insurance telematics, remote diagnostics, and condition-based maintenance
  • Enabling modern day payments with electronic toll collection, parking reservation and payment

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