Healthcare Simplified with AI


Healthcare industry is a front runner in creating business value applying AI followed by Automotive and Financial Services industries.

In simple and direct interpretation, Artificial Intelligence fundamentally helps either completing tasks at a basic level to making decisions at advanced level. AI help in completing tasks is twofold, either totally automate the tasks without human intervention or help humans in completing the tasks in faster and effective ways. Similarly AI can enable decision making in fully autonomous ways with NO to very little human involvement or amplify the human decision making. Let us examine these scenarios in context of Healthcare industry encompassing the four dimensions of applied AI in healthcare.

  1. AI completing healthcare tasks without humans: Chatbot to connect scheduling Electronic health record systems and automate the confirmation and scheduling of patients
  2. AI aiding humans in completing tasks: AI powered diagnostics which helps humans/users in analyzing patient’s unique history as a baseline against which trigger a possible health condition that is in necessity of future investigation and potential treatment.
  3. AI augmenting decision making in healthcare: AI is able to provide clinicians evidence-based treatment options which is kind of a data driven diagnosis. AI as well is aiding in virtual drug development process.
  4. AI autonomously making decisions in healthcare: Will humans let an AI’led robot perform your surgery by itself? As AI proves dealing with complication, it can aid intelligent implantation with improved health benefits and lives.

AI reach in healthcare is everywhere from answering specific patient queries to intelligent implantation. It is evident from recent developments including,

  • Google’s DeepMind platform: Detecting certain health risks thro’ data collected via a mobile app or analysis of medical images to develop computer vision algorithms to detect cancerous tissues
  • Intel’s Lumiata: Using AI to identify at-risk patients and develop care options
  • IBM’s Watson: AI enabled Oncology alongside Cleveland Clinic or work with CVS Health on AI applications in chronic disease treatment, etc.
  • Microsoft’s Hanover project: Medical research to predict the most effective cancer drug treatment options or medical image analysis of tumor progression and development of programmable cells
  • Refer for other examples @

There are a number of startups entering the healthcare AI space has increased in recent years. AI systems are getting involved in full spectrum across Healthcare industry encompassing providers, consumers, payers and pharma and PBM players. The future seems to be very promising as the potential of commercial benefit of applying AI in healthcare will be substantial.

With the earlier posts in this space, I have been discussing on various topics pinpointing the application of AI in healthcare and listing below details for reference.

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