Catching up on Quantum Computing


Conventional computing which has been evolving following Moore’s Law still uses basic switching and memory units of computers, known as transistors, are now approaching the point where they’ll soon be as small as individual atoms. The need for computers that are smaller & more powerful than today’s is leading us to the realm of atoms opening up powerful new possibilities in the shape of QC, with processors that could work millions of times faster than the ones we use today.

Quantum Computing (QC)  is gaining attention as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and many leading organizations are extremely focused & reasonably investing in this field. Visualize a version of Google Maps that can precisely calculate the time of your arrival, down to the second, based on a simulation of historical traffic patterns. Imagine a next-gen kid visiting six-flags with a new version of Rollercoaster, where the likes and dislikes of every kid in the theme park are determined by a fully simulated childhood. What if a future version of Adobe Photoshop with brushes that behave with all the quirks of a real, physical implement? Let us take a look at Quantum Computing use cases across industries.QC Use cases

Making a business case for Quantum Computing requires identifying the ‘minimal viable products’ with just enough core features to enter the market. If companies can access a quantum computer through an API in the cloud, they can take advantage of the speed 1Qbit1without that overwhelming overhead. This is an area where 1QBit takes the lead. 1QBit facilitates your transition into the world of quantum computing. 1QBit API as depicted to the right helps the enterprises access the quantum computing/ processing power with this API. 1QBit’s APIs are built on hardware-agnostic platform, allowing them to continuously benefit from both the improvements made to the underlying algorithms and the integration of advancements in classical and quantum hardware.

1QBit is paving path overcoming refactoring of applications and at the same time enable in receiving the best available computational solutions. 1QBit provides industry-leading partners in finance, energy, advanced materials, and the life sciences with solutions to high-value optimization, simulation, and machine learning problems

D-Wave is another firsts in Quantum Computing to develop commercial apps using QC and has been collaborating with Google, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Washington DC-based Universities Space Research Association (USRA) on setting up a Quantum AI Lab. D-Wave is driving the hardware forward by bifurcating the QC applications and software tools. Its Qbsolv available in open source, is designed to help developers program D-Wave machines without needing a background in quantum physics. Qbsolv offers a tool that can make this impact graphically visible, by getting researchers and practitioners involved in charting the future directions of quantum computing developments.

May be within 5 years, QC is  going to be a technology that will be very much in use in all sorts of businesses!

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