Best Apps For Time Management And Productivity

Technology has changed the way we live profoundly. It has improved our health, our ability to communicate, and in general made life more fun. Sometimes too much fun.

Used incorrectly, technology can actually prevent you from doing work. How much time have you spent on social media when you should be working? How many levels have you advanced in Clash of Clans and Angry Birds?

Well, no need to feel bad and throw away your cell phone. Apps and programs don’t have to be just for diversion and entertainment.

A variety of apps and computer programs can help you make up for lost time, get organized, and stay focused while working. But the following is no way an exhaustive list.

Universal Password Manager

How many accounts do you have? Facebook, LinkedIn, work email, personal email, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Maybe you have trouble keeping track of all the different usernames and passwords.

Or perhaps you have the same usernames and passwords for everything—a big mistake that puts you at risk of getting hacked.

To keep your personal information and credit card information private, you should have different passwords for every account you have.

Password Manager allows you to keep all your passwords encrypted in one easily accessible database.

Daily Agenda

Have you ever arrived at a meeting late or missed a doctor’s appointment? Now you can say “never again!” and actually mean it.

 Daily Agenda is an app that syncs all your appointments and calendars, and gives you a very clear picture of your day.

Embracing the “less is more” idea, Daily Agenda is easy and accessible.

Syncback Freeware

This one is for your PC or Mac. If you’ve ever had a computer crash, taking all your programs and documents with it, you know the importance of backing everything up.

This can be a real hassle using external hard drives, which themselves can be damaged or lost. Syncback saves you time right now and also in the future.

A big part of being productive is setting priorities and sticking to them. But how can you know if you’re putting enough time toward a particular project if you don’t meticulously track your time?

Toggl is an excellent alternative to pen-and-paper timesheets, which often feel like a waste of time in themselves.

You don’t have to be suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder to appreciate knowing the minutiae of how you spend you time. Toggl features pie charts that appeal to the eye and tracks how much you’re owed.

Great for freelancers juggling a variety of projects.

Rescue Time

Save your time from yourself with this useful app. It gauges your productivity and helps you sends you weekly reports to help keep you on track.

Even if you feel like you’re generally on top of things, there’s no way to really know for sure unless you track how you spend your time. Rescue Time may shock you into making some incredibly productive decisions.


Capture anything, anywhere, and find things fast. Great for creative types, Evernote gives you one place to collect and organize all your notes, pictures, voice recordings, and events.

Connect with your friends on Evernote and enjoy seamless collaboration!


This incredible app makes everything on your home desktop or laptop accessible from your cell phone or tablet.

Perhaps it’s not something that you’ll use every day, but it could save you tons of time and embarrassment if you happen to leave your laptop or memory stick back at the house.


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