Conversational Systems

Are we getting into an age of Voice First? Conversation with context is the future of pervasive AI in human lives. Conversational systems are making humans and machines work together by enabling interactions in a more natural way. Humans are getting more acquainted with the following systems,

  • Apple Siri
  • Amazon Echo/Alexa
  • Google Home/Now
  • Microsoft Cortana
  • IBM Watson
  • WeChat

In gig economy generation of mobile-native consumers are getting more comfort and fluency with messaging as an interaction paradigm. Simultaneously, inflection points being reached in AI, ML, and NLP that is enabling 90%+ accuracy in machine parsing and understanding spoken or typed requests. This is paving path to “new-age conversational systems” with continuously evolving innovations in this space. Techies are onboarding conversational systems bandwagon to catch upon next net new revenues stream.

Solutions & Services:

  • Conversational Commerce: A good conversational interface could create a direct sales channel that’s vital for your business
  • Scalable customer service: Businesses are already adopting voice and early AI technology to serve as Virtual Assistants to help with service tasks. As an example situations of cancelled flights can be handled with optimized chatbot experience for rapidly arranging stranded passengers’ next flights dealing with passengers’ frustration through a human like interaction.
  • Productivity Gains: Can’t conversation systems improve productivity with autonomous worlflow, reduced lead times, check on inventory levels etc.? Imagine a ttrustworthy assistant hiding in your pocket or embedded in devices that can increase productivity while reducing the time spent on information search or faster business collaboration avoiding loss of accuracy.
  • Better omnichannel experience. Isn’t the customers want to pick up where they left off from one channel to the next? Sellers love enabling consumers not feel any loss of context when they switch from one channel to another. Conversational Systems can touch a critical aspect of all channels, whether voice, text, social or apps, making them conversational in nature with each other offering seamless experiences.

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