Creating Business with New Reality (AR/VR) Value Chains

One way to interpret AR/VR ecosystem is classifying it as a platform, what I am referring in this blog as “Platform 4.0”. Followed by personal computer, web, and mobile, AR/VR platforms fundamentally are transforming how present-day consumers interact in the physical world. One way to define AR/VR is as follows, VR: Immerses users in an imagined or replicated world […]

Amazon Effect

I am publishing this post to highlight few aspects of combined effect of Amazon’s supremacy in online retails sales and its recent acquisition of Whole Foods. Amazon is undoubtedly a retail disruptor and eying for dominant role in pretty much every consumer segment. Based on recent analyst reports, Amazon’s wallet share is about 44 cents […]

Life with AI

Is Artificial Intelligence turning on humans? In my view, while AI gets misused on the development paths to human-like intelligence, a huge economic wind propels the development of AI eventually transitioning the technology to the hottest commodity of the next century. In this backdrop, I will be developing this page critically reviewing the developments in […]

Blockchain Trends and Applications

We can say Blockchain the new breed technology has arrived. While the global purchasing power parity (PPP) is $110 trillion, the Blockchain enabled cryptocurrency totals to $150 billion offering a tremendous opportunity to expand. It is a matter of time for citizens, institutions, and governments to fully hook on to Blockchain. The blockchain is progressing beyond proof-of-concept and […]

Life with ArI

In my view while AI gets misused on the development paths to human-like intelligence, a huge economic wind propels the development of AI eventually transitioning the technology to hottest commodity of next century.

e-Commerce Innovations for Vitamins

The size of ecommerce market of vitamin and mineral and supplements (VMS) crossed $2 billion and surpassed Walmart’s vitamin sales of $1.7 billion in 2016. VMS retailers are keen developing e-commerce strategies and integrate with digital commerce platforms identifying high impact opportunities in building competitive advantage driving next level growth. New age business models combined […]

NuYu Team of CMS-Plainsboro Won FPSPI Championship

  Congratulations to my kid Phanisree Akshinthala and Team, 8th Graders at Community Middle School, Plainsboro, NJ. CMS Nuyu ( team won first place in Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI – competition held at Wisconsin University during 7-11 June’2017. Great job All! Nüyü​ is a close-knit community of 8th grade researchers who study the […]

Part II: Direct-To-Consumer Business Model Innovation and Emerging Trends

“The Best Service Is No Service” – Picked from authors Bill Price and David Jaffe, the best way to satisfy customers is eliminate the need for service altogether. The need of the day for DTC seller is to progress beyond offering personalized service to true customer excellency with “No Need for Service”. In continuation of […]

AI in Pharma

Artificial Intelligence is leapfrogging in healthcare and pharma field with enabling technologies spanning across research and drug development, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, supply chain, health records, compliance, data privacy and security. AI is a study acknowledged to imitate human knowledge into PC innovation that could help both specialists and patients in the accompanying way, by giving […]