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Good that we are interacting! What I present on this blog is my entrepreneurial mindset attempting to solve the real-world problems blending business acumen with a technology edge.  I am a futurist and an optimist in leveraging technology for enriching human experiences and outcomes. My passion is enabling businesses and individuals to utilize digital advantage to realize their full potential.

Let us not be super formal. Drop me a note and I should get back mostly the same day. I love to network. You can reach me @

Email: kishor.akshinthala@gmail.com;



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Blog: Technology has a significant business impact. On the blog, I publish articles on digital ideas in action and collaborate in spotting next big trend in making smart future choices.

Pages: Titled as “#. Topic Name”, I am creating pages focusing on specific topics offering insights promoting startup ideas. Currently added 6 pages,

1) Blockchain
2) New Reality (AR/VR)
3) Artificial Intelligence (AI)
4) Quantum Computing 
5) Life Reimagined
6) Grow Your Money

I will be adding new pages in the future.

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