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Good that we are interacting! What I share on this blog is my entrepreneurial mindset attempting to solve the real-world problems blending business acumen with a technology edge.  I am a fun lover and a family man. My passion is enabling businesses and individuals utilize digital advantage to realize their full potential. You can reach me @

Email: kishor.akshinthala@gmail.com;



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About: A page dedicated to my introduction and you get to know more about me. Let us not be super formal. Drop me a note and I should get back mostly the same day. I love to network.

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Blog: Digital has a significant business impact. On the blog, I publish articles on digital ideas in action and collaborate in spotting next big trend in making smart future choices.

Pages: Titled as “#. Topic Name”, I am creating pages focusing on specific topics offering insights promoting startup ideas. Currently added 4 pages – 1) Blockchain, 2) New Reality, 3) AI, and 4) Quantum Computing. I will be adding multiple pages in the future.

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