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Intelligent Algorithms & Healthcare

Healthcare industry is generating enormous amounts of structured and unstructured data. Finding innovative insights from data is of particular interest to Providers to incentivize predictive and preventive health management. This leads to healthcare industry focus on breaking data silos and leverage intelligent algorithms backed with advance analytics to create value. New age machine learning algorithms… Continue reading Intelligent Algorithms & Healthcare


NuYu Team of CMS-Plainsboro Won FPSPI Championship

  Congratulations to my kid Phanisree Akshinthala and Team, 8th Graders at Community Middle School, Plainsboro, NJ. CMS Nuyu ( team won first place in Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI – competition held at Wisconsin University during 7-11 June’2017. Great job All! Nüyü​ is a close-knit community of 8th grade researchers who study the… Continue reading NuYu Team of CMS-Plainsboro Won FPSPI Championship

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Next-Gen Education System

In gig-economy there is a tremendous opportunity to leverage the full potential of digital disruption including AI, Gamification, and Automation paving path to next-gen educational methods and job reorientation. Firstly, finding ways on how AI technologies could aid education methods, augment human skills in professional jobs and there by the challenges posed by AI. We… Continue reading Next-Gen Education System

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New IT enabling Superfluid Markets

    Digital forces like AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Robotics, VR/AR, Blockchain etc. are reimagining business models transforming goods, services and labor markets at unprecedented pace enabling the superfluidity of the markets. Two fundamental characteristics of superfluid markets are shrinking lead times making the interactions seamless and near realtime, and second is extreme focus on… Continue reading New IT enabling Superfluid Markets

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Part II: Direct-To-Consumer Business Model Innovation and Emerging Trends

“The Best Service Is No Service” – Picked from authors Bill Price and David Jaffe, the best way to satisfy customers is eliminate the need for service altogether. The need of the day for DTC seller is to progress beyond offering personalized service to true customer excellency with “No Need for Service”. In continuation of… Continue reading Part II: Direct-To-Consumer Business Model Innovation and Emerging Trends

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Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Strategies fuelling Retail Growth – Part I

Direct-To-Consumer companies  through new retail channels are driving two fundamental changes in the business models fueling next-level growth. 1) Offer shoppers ways to cut out physical store visits avoiding traffic, 2) Enable bypassing middle-man distributors. Innovation in DTC e-commerce and Omni-channel strategies is playing a key role in retail business sustenance and growth. DTCs primarily… Continue reading Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Strategies fuelling Retail Growth – Part I