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Next-Gen Education System

In gig-economy there is a tremendous opportunity to leverage the full potential of digital disruption including AI, Gamification, and Automation paving path to next-gen educational methods and job reorientation. Firstly, finding ways on how AI technologies could aid education methods, augment human skills in professional jobs and there by the challenges posed by AI. We… Continue reading Next-Gen Education System

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Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Making Inroads to Outsourced Customer Support?

Rethinking overseas outsourcing is on the cards for a while. For years, Westerns have had their service calls on credit card bills and broken cell phones handled by customer service agents in the low cost locations. A decade ago, it made a lot of sense to outsource customer support overseas. But that’s changing. Increasingly, companies that want to… Continue reading Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Making Inroads to Outsourced Customer Support?

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Service Desk 2.0 : A Perspective

“Transform or you will be transformed!” – Robert Stroud Both end users and customers evolved with their personal experience of IT being transformed. The real shift here is in customer power. This note highlights the opportunities that exists in service desk operations for both service providers and customers and thereby put an emphasis on capability… Continue reading Service Desk 2.0 : A Perspective