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Intelligent Algorithms & Healthcare

Healthcare industry is generating enormous amounts of structured and unstructured data. Finding innovative insights from data is of particular interest to Providers to incentivize predictive and preventive health management. This leads to healthcare industry focus on breaking data silos and leverage intelligent algorithms backed with advance analytics to create value. New age machine learning algorithms… Continue reading Intelligent Algorithms & Healthcare

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AI in Pharma

Artificial Intelligence is leapfrogging in healthcare and pharma field with enabling technologies spanning across research and drug development, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, supply chain, health records, compliance, data privacy and security. AI is a study acknowledged to imitate human knowledge into PC innovation that could help both specialists and patients in the accompanying way, by giving… Continue reading AI in Pharma

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New age Healthcare evolution fueled by Digital reality

As Healthcare is shifting from being reactive to proactive, Digital is progressing that move a step further through intuitive aids┬áthat anticipate patient problems before they happen. Healthcare IT companies are attracting a lot of interest as a result of this. As per Analysts reports the digital healthcare industry has reached a new investment high in… Continue reading New age Healthcare evolution fueled by Digital reality