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New IT enabling Superfluid Markets

    Digital forces like AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Robotics, VR/AR, Blockchain etc. are reimagining business models transforming goods, services and labor markets at unprecedented pace enabling the superfluidity of the markets. Two fundamental characteristics of superfluid markets are shrinking lead times making the interactions seamless and near realtime, and second is extreme focus on… Continue reading New IT enabling Superfluid Markets

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Part II: Direct-To-Consumer Business Model Innovation and Emerging Trends

“The Best Service Is No Service” – Picked from authors Bill Price and David Jaffe, the best way to satisfy customers is eliminate the need for service altogether. The need of the day for DTC seller is to progress beyond offering personalized service to true customer excellency with “No Need for Service”. In continuation of… Continue reading Part II: Direct-To-Consumer Business Model Innovation and Emerging Trends

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NuYu 2.0: Teens Empowering the Educational Community

“Kudos to my daughter, Phanisree an 8th Grader and team for winning NJ FPS (Future Problem Solving) State Bowl First Prize” conducted today i.e. 11th-March-2017 at Keane University, NJ. The team is going to the International Competition to be held at University of Wisconsin in June 2017. I am posting a note from her below. NüYü 2.0… Continue reading NuYu 2.0: Teens Empowering the Educational Community

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AI in Pharma

Artificial Intelligence is leapfrogging in healthcare and pharma field with enabling technologies spanning across research and drug development, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, supply chain, health records, compliance, data privacy and security. AI is a study acknowledged to imitate human knowledge into PC innovation that could help both specialists and patients in the accompanying way, by giving… Continue reading AI in Pharma


What is the right strategy to negotiate with a powerful supplier?

Asking the following questions probably helps in designing the right strategies. 1) Is the contract or relation helping supplier de-risk their business model? 2) What would be the supplier response if the contract is cancelled or withhold? 3) Will the contract help supplier to enter a new market or channel? 4) Are the alternative supplier(s)… Continue reading What is the right strategy to negotiate with a powerful supplier?

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Category Strategies for Digital

Early adopters of Digital forces – social, mobile, cloud, big data & analytics, and AI & robotics have a clear competitive edge in their line of business. It is becoming the new basis of competition, helping organizations build new business and operating models. Sourcing arena is transforming rapidly as Digital services become increasingly important to… Continue reading Category Strategies for Digital