Changing anatomy of large outsourcing deals

Is the number and size of large outsourcing deals getting shrunk? Answer seems to be Yes. For the mega deals happening in the market, there are some business takeover activity – where suppliers have to make significant upfront payments. It typically involves writing a check to create joint fund, buying an asset or taking over […]

Category Strategies for Digital

Early adopters of Digital forces – social, mobile, cloud, big data & analytics, and AI & robotics have a clear competitive edge in their line of business. It is becoming the new basis of competition, helping organizations build new business and operating models. Sourcing arena is transforming rapidly as Digital services become increasingly important to […]

Transforming D-I-A-S

Advancements in technology and sourcing is transforming entire ecosystem encompassing Data Centers. Infrastructure , Applications, and Services (DIAS). The infograph is an attempt to summarize Transforming DIAS in a nutshell

Preparing Banks for “Getting to Strong” Regulatory Mantra with robust Vendor Risk Management

“A bank can outsource a task but cannot outsource the responsibility” Anatomy of Vendor Risks at Banks: In today’s world it became inevitable for Banks to outsource and integrate external vendors for effective and efficient operations. Banks sourcing arena extended to entire value chain beyond core processing and information technology to accounting, appraisal management, internal […]

Captive / GIC Monetization – A Viewpoint

Monetization is defined as parent companies sell or exit the majority ownership and management of their offshore captive operations to an external party. Captive monetization meets the need of parent organizations to focus on core business and to raise cash. But the buyers aspire to acquire industry-specific capabilities, grow to global scale and grow size […]

eProcurement & e-Auctions : Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Auctions have been around for centuries. Seller with goods/services wanted an efficient way to sell those goods/services to buyers who wanted those goods/services. Over the years, various auction formats were devised and executed, including the most well-known format, the reverse auction. Rather than having one seller with many buyers, a reverse auction involved one buyer […]